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3-year degree

Many people with exam based degree equivalents, 3 year degrees, AMIETE, CA and other education combinations that are not easily understood lose out on getting their Immigration (USCIS) Visas approve, gaining admissions to graduate programs, or getting a job or raise. As experts in that area we specialize in showing the equivalence in such a way that it will be accepted for your needs. If necessary we can have an expert opinion letter written by an international professor.

We get calls regularly from clients who had been previously turned down for employment or university admissions or received a Denial or RFE etc., from USCIS for a Visa filing telling us that their education was finally accepted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any problem education situations. Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised that they can be helped.

“IMMIGRATION DAILY” published a paper written by Sheila Danzig and John Kersey on the subject of the three year degree. Click here to read it.