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A lift never hurts

In recent times, we had the delight of accepting data from a customer that his non US academic credentials evaluation had been acknowledged by his management. He gladly stated us that he was wearing his newfangled title.


It’s tricky to foresee what it might be to go to class for four or six years and be prosperous in one’s home country, just to move to another country and lose that prompt acknowledgement of one’s non US degree. Yet, that is precisely what happens for numerous individuals who touch ground here as a consequence of immigration visas. They can’t secure employment utilizing their abilities and information until after their non US credentials have been assessed.


Evaluation Credentials is extremely happy to have the capacity to help hardworking, well versed individuals who have non US degrees get a correct assessment report of the U.S. equivalency of their degrees. Everybody deserves an equivalent chance for victory in their professions!


In these hard financial times, a raise or an advancement never stings. We were happy to realize that we had the capacity to help this individual demonstrate that he did have what might as well be called a Master Degree, so he was equipped to have the academic and work recognition he is worthy of.