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Case Study: 3-year Indian Degrees’ I-140 Approval

Mr. K. had held a H1-B visa for six years. Since he was on EAD/parole, he couldn’t seek a seventh. He requested an I-140 and was in this way denied.

Official Director Sheila Danzig was able to issue an educational evaluation that showed that Mr. K’s 3-year degree was the U.s. equivalency of a four-year Bachelor Degree. With the evaluation report and a master estimation by Professor John Kersey, Mr. K’s lawyer promptly documented a movement to revive his case.

The client’s I-140 was hence approved. Our client had the accompanying counsel to offer different persons in the same circumstance:

Seek MTR/appeal inside 30 days from the date of rejection(please be strict with this course of events, even a day deferred will take the case to AAO, which takes as 15 months for a choice, and the choice will for the most part likely be negative assuming that you head off to AAO).

2. Don’t send evaluation from two evaluators, I have gotten notification from my legal advisor that those cases have been denied expressing the excuse for why those evaluations are not precisely comparative.

3. Have a Subject by Subject evaluation to demonstrate that you have no less than 120 credits (equivalent Us Bachelor Degree).

This worked well for our client!