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Case Study: Operative Equivalencies for Labor Requirements

As of late, a client came to us with a 3-Year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Secretary ship. He had petitioned an Eb-3 visa, and required a master slant that his degree was actually the utilitarian equivalent of a U.S. four year college education in Computer Science.

Utilizing just the master notion of Professor John Kersey, whose evaluations have customarily been approved by the USCIS, we were able to help the client show that his degree was indeed practically the same as its U.S.  equivalency in Computer Science. This client was administered to us by an encountered movement lawyer who had formerly worked successfully with Evaluation Credentials.

Because of the extraordinary nature of each case, EC can’t ensure that each result will be successful. We do know, in any case, that we consistently get reports like this from our clients that their work or migration visas have been approved, or that RFEs and Denials have been successfully replied. Since we spend significant time in the hardest cases, we are happy to know when our endeavors realize results. Provided that you have a comparable story to impart, contact us today!