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Evaluation Credentials greet our Veterans

To the greater part of the people who have served or are serving in the U.S. military, the experts at Evaluation Credentials salute you. You’ve buckled down for your country, and you worth our appreciation and our honor. Give us a chance to thank you with something considerably more substantial: a non US education credentials evaluation.


Our non US academic credentials evaluation organization offers free document assessments, and a noticeable cut off expense of our alternate evaluations, to experts who are eagerly serving in the military. Just yesterday, we gained another query for a non US degree assessment from another service part.


We were ready to show that his consummation of secondary school requirements was actually the U.S. equivalency of a secondary school diploma. This is the third free assessment report we have had for the armed services this month, and we are wanting to possess the ability to help a lot more.


It’s a joy to uncover somehow to thank our men and Women in the military for all that they do to serve. Hats off to those, and on this Veterans’ Day, we salute them by and by. Much thanks to you for doing your part to your country! Serve courageously and return securely.