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Evaluation of Academic Credentials: Calling for Clarity

Frequently, individuals petitioning foreign credential evaluations for their Bachelor or Master Degrees don’t stop to understand that there is a huge contrast between A and O. Progressed and Ordinary Level secondary exams, that is. Actually, in numerous nations, Advanced Level exams are equivalent to an additional year of school education.

Nations, for example, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ghana, France, Sri Lanka, and numerous others offer students common level exams, which are equivalent to U.S, secondary school graduation. These nations, notwithstanding, additionally offer A Level exams, which is equivalent to one year of undergraduate education. Due to this, their three-year Bachelor Degrees can effortlessly be indicated to be the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree, for both education and H1B visa purposes.

Different nations, be that as it may, incorporating those in West Africa (counting Nigeria, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone) offer both customary and progressed level exams. For large portions of these students, notwithstanding, the culmination of A level exams is equivalent just to graduation from secondary school – not an undergraduate year of school.

Some individuals don’t understand the contrast, yet numerous other individuals immediately accept that the credential evaluation service will consider these distinctions without having confirmation of the culmination of these exams. This isn’t the situation, notwithstanding. Unless seekers send these exam results, they won’t get credit for this education.

So provided that you’re primed to request an academic credentials evaluation, and your secondary school education was in a foreign nation, send your secondary school diploma, and also your conventional and progressed level exam results. This will spare a great deal of disarray, and help you get the most noteworthy educational equivalency that your academic credentials merit. Don’t undercut your education – help the evaluators by sending the greater part of your educational documents.