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Graduate Admission in US

On numerous occasions, individuals who request foreign credential evaluations for Bachelor or Master Degrees don’t understand that there is a gigantic distinction between the Advanced and Ordinary Level secondary exams. Really, in a considerable measure of nations, Advanced Level exams are identical to an extra year of school education.

Nations for example Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Sri Lanka, France, and a few others give students conventional level exams that are equivalent to secondary school graduation of US. These nations, then again, offer A Level exams also, which is equivalent to one year of undergraduate studies. Because of this, they can effortlessly demonstrate their three-year Bachelor Degrees to be equal to US Bachelor Degree, for the reasons of both education and the H1-B visa.

Nonetheless, different nations including those West Africa (counting Cameroon, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone) offer standard and progressed level exams together. For a great deal of these students, however, the finishing the A level exams is equivalent just to graduation from secondary school and not an undergraduate year of school.

Various individuals don’t comprehend the contrast; then again, a great deal of other individuals immediately feel that these contrasts will be considered by the credential evaluation service without having proof of the culmination of these examinations. In any case, as per Sheila Danzig, official chief of Evaluation Credentials, this is not the situation. The candidates won’t get the credit for this education unless they send the outcomes of these exams.

So provided that you mulled over your secondary school in a foreign nation, and you are primed to request assessment of academic credentials, send your secondary school diploma with your effects of normal and progressed level exam. This will encourage you get the most elevated educational equivalency that your academic credentials are deserving of.