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How Many Years is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree

Oddly it relies on upon where you got that degree and what you are utilizing it for. In the US you can take four or more years to finish a degree. It has been accounted for that it might be finished by testing out in as meager as 4 months see  http://www.EvaluationCredentials.com/.

However in the event that you are rolling in from an alternate nation there is an exceptional arrangement of quarrel with numerous schools, teachers and evaluators expression a four year college education is comparable to a four year college education. Surely the Unesco guidelines – which are legitimately tying – state that. However this is no certification that your non-US four year certification, even one that speaks to significantly more study hours than a US four year certification will be recognized identical. While we as American’s assume we are the “highest level” for planet education taking a gander at transcripts realizes that numerous foreign degree holders have worked much harder than their partners in the US. For a fascinating view take a gander at the Indian 3-Year Degree see http://www.EvaluationCredentials.com/.