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I-140 Approval for Overseas Credentials Evaluation

This week, we were extremely satisfied to get notification from an alternate client who had received approbation for his I-140 visa. It’s generally grand to hear great news from individuals we have had the capacity to help, and to offer assistance for another person who has received a RFE or Denial. This individual had received a RFE dependent upon EDGE, so this approbation was particularly great news, and might offer plan to a lot of people.

This individual had acquired a three-year degree from India, and the USCIS required extra prove that his degree was equivalent to a Us Bachelor Degree. Utilizing the sum of the documentation and research aggregated by Dr. Sheila Danzig and Professor John Kersey, we were able to show acceptably that this degree was to be sure the educational equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor Degree.

This could be a challenging process, in light of the fact that colleges in India don’t report semester credit hours in the same way as the U.S. Be that as it may, when clients have the capacity to get the genuine number of credit hours from the university, they are typically able to agreeably exhibit that they have at any rate the same amount contact hours as those required for a U.S. Bachelor Degree.

We are dependably extremely happy to get notification from our clients when we have been successful in demonstrating their academic credentials to be equivalent for migration purposes. We likewise are happy to have the ability to impart general insights about these cases in the trusts that they might help a potential or future client. In the event that you’ve received great news about your RFE or dissent, contact us and told us. We won’t utilize your name or specific items unless you give us authorization to do so. We will honor your protection. Just gave us a chance to impart the exceptional news and plan to other individuals who are encountering the same challenges you have!