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Military Evaluations: September

I guaranteed to keep you upgraded, and the statement is beginning to get out, however I don’t think the U.S. Military is set to meet Ms. Danzig’s test. Not this month, in any case. They are making progress, yet they are set to need to continue working at it.


This weekend we were ready to do an alternate foreign education credentials evaluations for a junior man entering military service. He had gained a foreign secondary school diploma, and needed to join the U.S. Armed Services. Our assessment report was issued as fast as could be allowed, and the youthful man was equipped to present it to his selection representative for enrollment.


In September, four troopers have asked for educational evaluations from us for the reasons of serving their nation or in propelling their profession after their service. Archive evaluations are complimentary, and generally, serve to demonstrate secondary school fruition or the U.S. equivalency of a foreign degree, incorporating a Bachelor Degree or Master Degree.


We guaranteed to attempt to help serve 50 troopers every month, and we have had the capacity to help all who have come to us for this service. We are even now searching for additional. Would you be able to help us find more youthful men and Women serving their nation who need to have a foreign degree assessed?