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Non US Degree Evaluation: Helps to keep Jobs


A week ago, one of our customers kept in touch with us, asking for pressing aid in assessing his non US academic credentials. Despite the fact that he had held his employment for quite a while, later economic issues were bringing about reductions at his place of job. He needed an assessment of his non US degree to remain occupied.


This individual’s concern is not in any way surprising in these later months. Individuals are coming back to work after spouses have been laid off, or are attempting to keep employments they recently hold. Current or prospective proprietors are asking for or needing assessment reports that show that these persons hold degrees that are the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor or Master Degree.


Assuming that you’re agonized over keeping your employment, or are looking for a work or immigration visa to the United States, study more about what kind of education assessment you require. Be wary, however, that a few degrees are simpler to assess than others. Individuals who accepted their non US education credentials from countries that were once in the past a part of the Soviet Union or the Eastern Bloc regularly find it less demanding to exhibit that their academic credentials are equivalent to a US degree in view of the gigantic number of lecture and classroom hours needed (now and again more than 5,000 to 10,000.)


Despite the fact that individuals who went to class in India or numerous European countries likewise have an incredible number of lecture and classroom hours, these degrees are finished in three years. The USCIS frequently requires more outstanding documentation that these 3-year degrees are the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree, and so these assessment reports could be more exorbitant.


What sort of assessment do you require? That relies on upon numerous components. Let The Evaluate Credentials survey your credentials, and help you select the sort of report that will best help you. Express the noteworthy experience and proficiency of top evaluators Sheila Danzig and Professor John Kersey. Don’t lose your employment or get your business visa denied tomorrow since you didn’t recognize what you required.