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Path to US Colleges

Over and over again, people who submit an application for foreign credential evaluations for Bachelor or Master Degrees do not comprehend that there is a enormous dissimilarity between the higher and ordinary Level secondary exams. Really, in many countries, Advanced Level exams are equal to an extra year of college education.

Countries for example Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Sri Lanka, France, and more than a few others give students regular level exams that are equivalent to high school commencement of US. These countries, then again, offer A Level exams as well, which is equivalent to one year of undergraduate studies. Because of this, they can effortlessly demonstrate their three-year Bachelor Degrees to be correspondent to US Bachelor Degree, for the intentions of both education and the H1-B visa.

Nevertheless, other countries including those in West Africa (including Cameroon, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone) tender ordinary and advanced level exams simultaneously. For many these students, even if, the finishing the A level exams is identical simply to commencement from high school and not an undergraduate year of college.

Many people do not recognize the distinction; but, a lot of other people involuntarily believe that these deviations will be borne in mind by the credential evaluation service without having confirmation of the conclusion of these examinations. But, along with Sheila Danzig, executive director of Evaluation Credentials, this is not the fact. The appliers will not obtain the credit for this learning if not they mail the outcome of these exams.

So if you learned your high school in a non US country, and you are prepared to submit an application for assessment of academic credentials, drive your high school diploma with your outcome of ordinary and advanced level exam. This will make you obtain the highest educational equivalency easy that your educational credentials are commendable of.