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TN Visa Applicants: Asked to Fill New Requirements

As an aftereffect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a unique visa qualifications was offered to residents of Canada and Mexico who meet all requirements for temporary work positions that could be sorted into definite expert characterizations as described by the NAFTA contract. This worker visa is regarded as the TN visa, and incorporates a wide assortment of positions in various fields, for example, social work, bookkeeping, science, arithmetic, and nursing. These visas are issued for one-year lengths of time, however could be developed inconclusively.


To fit the bill for a TN visa, a candidate should anyhow have the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree in the expert area for which he or she applies. To demonstrate that the non US degree is comparable, a non US education credentials evaluation must be carried out by a qualified organization, for example, Evaluation Credentials. These educational evaluations are then submitted, as well as other documentation, to USCIS authorities to figure out if the visa application will be affirmed or denied.


Experts who seek TN Visas might request TD visas to permit life partners or wards to go hand in hand with them and dwell with them throughout their stay in the United States. Individuals who hold TN visas, in any case, may not look for work inside the United States. Canadian residents are alluded to as TN-1 Visa seekers, while natives of Mexico are designated as TN-2 aspirants. The latest change in arrangement straightforwardly influences TN-2 visa seekers. The requisition prepare contrasts between Canadian and Mexican subjects, then again. TN-1 Visa aspirants might seek this outsider visa either at a US-Canada border intersection, or at most Canadian international airports. Hence, the TN visa may be conceded on the day whereupon the candidate submits the visa application, a non US education credentials evaluation report, and going hand in hand with documentation.


As of late, the system has changed for subjects of Mexico applying for TN-2 Visas through the Matamoras, Mexico Consulate. Despite the fact that this change has not yet been revealed the consulate’s site, these new changes got viable on September 10, 2008. Visa inquirers should now call for an appointment or schedule one online at the consulate site, placed at http://matamoros.usconsulate.gov/matamoros/NAFTA_visas_TN.html.


A while ago, candidates were fit to submit their non US education credentials and assessment reports preceding the meeting. This is no more accurate. Nevertheless, candidates are needed to submit their non US credential evaluations and different documents around then of the meeting appointment with the consulate.


The manager is still needed to submit the representative’s work credentials to the USCIS to exhibit that the worker is met all requirements for the TN-2 Visa. Just after approbation might the representative calendar an appointment to have his or her visa stamped at the consulate. The representative’s begin date will just be dead set after these steps have been finished.