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TN Visa Questions: Is Immigration acceptable?

Assuming that you are a Canadian or Mexican resident, you might seek a work visa in the United States under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). These visas are called TN visas, and are issued to individuals with proficient qualifications who need to look for brief work in the U.S. Subjects of Canada are conceded TN-1 Visas, while Mexican residents may fit the bill for TN-2 visas.


To get a TN visa, experts must exhibit that they have foreign degrees that are the U.S. equivalencies of a Bachelor Degree for generally fields. In certain territories, for example, Computer science, an Associate Degree in addition to two years of work experience equivalency may be substituted for a four-year degree. The equivalency must be dead set through the culmination of a foreign education credentials assessment finished by a foreign education credentials assessment office acknowledged or endorsed by the USCIS.


Notwithstanding a foreign credentials assessment that shows sufficient proficient qualifications, then again, the inquirer needs to give solid documentation that he or she means to stay in the United States just incidentally. That is since the USCIS presumes that any individual who is a subject of a foreign nation who is entering the United States is finishing so with the goal to stay there forever. In spite of the fact that an individual may express a conceivable future purpose to move, it should not be throughout the length of the TN visa.


Individuals can offer numerous sorts of proof that they don’t aim to move for all time to the United States. A few cases of supporting certification incorporate the responsibility for in one’s nation of citizenship or the vicinity of other relatives who are not going with the expert to the United States. Furthermore, the solicitation for a visa of not exactly 1 year’s length of time is generally recognized sufficient to demonstrate makeshift, instead of lasting, business in the U.S.


Concerned experts might seek TN visas in a mixed bag of expert occupations. Researchers, for example, scholars or zoologists, and additionally medicinal services laborers, incorporating Registered Nurses or Physicians, are qualified to seek TN visas. People who hold foreign degrees in human services fields, then again, must additionally own documentation that they control government-issued licenses to practice.


Moreover, four sorts of laborers – medical caretakers, physical specialists, word related advisors, and medicinal technologists- must look after a medicinal services laborer certificate. This accreditation must exhibit that the individual’s education and licensure are tantamount to the U.S. equivalencies needed for that career, and that the singular submitting the provision talks English to an able level as dead set by a standardized test.


Assume that you are a Canadian or Mexican resident looking for a TN visa, look for a well experienced lawyer who handles non-immigrant visa requisitions customarily. Get a foreign credentials education assessment from a capable, well experienced organization. Last, make it clear to the immigration official that you understand that this is a brief, as opposed to a perpetual, work assignment.