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We take on Armed Services in the US

Most of the people think the US army as the mighty force which is more powerful than the government of any country. But the director of EvaluationCredentials.com, Sheila Danzig is not worried about that.

A challenge was offered by her to members of the US army who were educated overseas. She said that she was ready to offer free degree evaluations for a total of 50 army personnel in each month. So, what will happen for the 51st person? Well, she said that there won’t be any case like that as she doesn’t think that this number of military personnel will come and take free help every month. Should this occurs- she added, the next one will be the first person whose evaluation would be completed by the following month.

Those who have completed their degree from outside of the US need to evaluate their credentials so that they can be verified for the US equivalency. This process is a costly one which can be upto $100. And Sheila Danzig is ready to offer this evaluation for free for our military.

She said that our military has ben serving the nation without any rest and not many people come forward to do something for them. This offer, she thinks would be a means to showing her support to their relentless effort.

The Evaluation Credentials will keep the data for army personnel who have come to take this service each month. She mentioned that this offer is valid for the entire military of the US.

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