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Which Diplomas count the Grade?

You’ve earned a non US degree at the Bachelor or graduate level, and pursuing an immigration visa to the United States. To seek a work based visa, you should demonstrate that your education has the U.S. equivalency needed for the labor certification. How would you know whether your degree will hold up to inspection?


Initially, check the UNESCO database at http://www.unesco.organization/iau/onlinedatabases/list.html. Assume that your school is recorded here, your degree will most likely be distinguished as accredited education by the U.S. Branch of Education. This is the educational power distinguished also by USCIS. A few schools, for example, some accredited foundations inside the United Kingdom, could be placed at different sites also.


Once in a while, a private educational organization or school working inside a specific country will be distinguished as accredited education too. These non US academic credentials may be issued by a private school or by that country’s specialty or service of education. For instance, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is an educational establishment built by that country’s orders and passing those examination can yield the U.S. equivalency of a degree too.


Figuring out if some non US diploma, for example, certain postgraduate diplomas offered in a few countries, are accredited might be a challenging process. Hence, numerous non US academic credentials evaluation offices, incorporating Evaluation Credentials, offers pre-evaluation reports. These might be utilized to offer students a notion of if their education can to be sure be assessed as the universal equivalency of an accredited degree.


Not all diplomas do meet U.S. requirements for accredited education, and mitigating conditions apply. Hence, the USCIS for the most cases requires persons who have gotten their degrees outside the U.S. to have an educational assessment performed soon after a business based visa is issued. Do your homework, and get your degree evaluated so you will know if your diploma will make the grade.