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If you were educated outside the US you need an academic evaluation to show what your education is equivalent to in the US. You worked hard for your education now let it can work for you. Here are our most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ).


Why do I need an evaluation?

A Foreign Credential Evaluation (also known as a foreign academic evaluation or a foreign transcript evaluation) is a certification of what your education in your home country is equivalent to in the US using US. With this certificate employers, universities and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be able to accept your education for employment, further education and immigration purposes.

How will it help with my employment?

An evaluation will allow you to compete with other applicants. Often non-US education is overlooked because the employer does not understand it. The evaluation certification that you receive now only shows how your education is comparable to US education but the standards used to arrive at the conclusion.

Do I need an evaluation for Immigration purposes?

USCIS needs to know what your education is in terms of not only US education but their requirements for the visa you are applying for. The best way to avoid a problem with USCIS is to have your education reviewed before you file. If you have received an RFE or even a Denial we maybe able to help you as we have helped so many others. We offer a NO CHARGE Detailed analysis of your case for any immigration visa. Call for details at 1.844.224.3733

What do I need for University Admissions?

Check with the admissions department or the office of international students at the university to ask what their exact procedure is. Generally Colleges and Universities require document evaluations of the high school education for entrance into a bachelor program, and a course by course evaluation for transfer credit into the bachelor program as well as admission into a graduate school. Most universities accept our evaluation.

Do I need an evaluation for Licensing?

There are 50 states plus territories in the US with dozens of professions meaning that there are hundreds of licensing boards. Each one has its own rules so check with your licensing boards to find out what they require and which evaluations they will accept. Most licensing offices require a course by course evaluation.

What kinds of Evaluations are available?

We offer several different types of evaluations, including:
Document Evaluations
Course by course evaluations
Work or Work plus education evaluations
Expert Opinion Letters

What does an Evaluation Report look like?

Your evaluation certification will be issued by Career Consulting International and will be signed by the Executive Director Sheila Danzig. It will list your academic degrees and credentials, the institution you attended and the US equivalent of your education. If you order a course by course it will contain all of the courses you took along with a US Grade Point Average (GPA). If you are ordering a work experience evaluation or a work + education evaluation your work experience will be listed as well. All work or work + education evaluations will include an international professor’s expert opinion letter. Feel free to contact us for a no charge analysis if you are interested in using work experience.

Where do I order?

You can order on our secure order form with a credit or debit card at www.applypay.com/

All of your documents can be faxed with a cover letter with your name, phone number and email address toll free to 844.224.3733 or International to 954.905.4942 or sent via email to the email address on the application form.

NOTE: If you postal mail your application or documents you do NOT qualify for the Internet Special prices and it will be delayed for up to 7 days. We urge you to fax or scan and email the documents.

Read the terms and conditions carefully, by submitting you indicate that you agree with the terms and conditions stated therein and we are both protected.

How long does evaluation take?

Your document or work experience evaluation will be completed within 4-5 business days at the most. The course by course will take up to 7-10 business. The time starts the next business hour after the order and all of the needed documents are received. You will hear from CCI by email when it is completed and we will need you to respond back to us in order to postal mail your documents to you. Documents are mailed within 2 business days.

We have several rush options. Rush starts the next business hour upon payment of a Rush Fee and receipt of all documents. You can order the rush service on the application form at the rate stated. Your evaluation will be sent via 1st class mail at no charge. For overnight or priority mail, see the application. CCI will do their best to meet or beat these rush times, but we are not responsible for acts of God or extenuating circumstances if rush times cannot be met. Rush fees are not refundable and exclude weekends (starting 5PM Eastern time on Friday) and national holidays, and start the next business hour after receipt.

What degrees can cause problems?

Often, three-year degrees are accepted as Bachelor Degrees with expert evidence. Also a chartered accountancy or ICWAI from India can be shown equivalent even though they are not degrees with an evaluation and a professor’s expert opinion letter.

Some countries require 13 years of high school for admission to a university degree program, and offering expert opinion to support the Bachelor Degree is very well accepted.
Other degrees, such as those from India, can be more complicated. We have been fortunate to have a considerable amount of success in showing these degrees to be equal to a four-year Bachelor Degree. Visit our case studies page to see examples of clients whose 3-year Bachelor Degree evaluations have been approved by the USCIS.

Some Bachelor Degrees from other countries, however, require five or six years to complete, and may be considered the educational equivalency of a U.S. Master Degree.

Can you evaluate professional degrees such foreign medical degrees?

Degrees such as a Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Science, and Doctor of Pharmacy may be equal to a U.S. degree and it can be supported with the license you may have received. If you go to www.applypay2 we can review your documents before you order for $20 and tell you what equivalence you will receive.

Are evaluations universally accepted?

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Homeland Security have always routinely accepted our evaluations, as well as for employment with the Federal Government. The majority of universities and employers accept it. Our evaluations are well accepted but it is important to know that every evaluation report is advisory and that there are no evaluations that will be accepted 100% of the time. Please check with the office you will be sending your evaluation to and find out their procedure and ask if they accept the Career Consulting International evaluation. We guarantee to answer any questions that anyone ever has about your degree or evaluation – even 10 years from now. We will always be here to support you.

What documents should I send to you?

Please send the secondary school, and all college and university certificates, diplomas, transcripts, mark sheets, subject lists, etc. Please send clear copies, not the original documents. We need copies of the the original language documents if they are not in English and certified translations to English.
Please include have a cover letter when you send the documents with your name, phone # and email address, PRINTED CLEARLY please.

For a work experience or an education/work evaluation please send a current accurate resume. If you worked part time be sure that the resume states the number of hours you worked (weekly). We often can use volunteer work if the duties are listed clearly. Please be absolutely certain the resume is accurate and current. There will be a charge to change the evaluation and expert letter after it is completed. It is always best to do it correctly the first time.

We are required to list your name on our final evaluation exactly as it appears on the education documents. If you have changed your name we need a legal change of name form. If there are any other reasons for your name on the education not to match the name you use currently then simply attach your driver’s license or passport to your evaluation when you use the evaluation. If the education documents are not correct you need to have that changed if you want a different name on the evaluation.

POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMAS. Diplomas that are not recognized by the home government cannot be used in a foreign credential evaluation. If you include a diploma in the evaluation it will likely not be approved by USCIS. If that happens, it is not our responsibility that USCIS did not accept it. You will likely get a query (RFE) with a request for further evidence.

Do not send documents in bits and pieces. Send them all at once in one fax or one email. Several faxes of one page each will likely cause a problem. Do not send us Google docs or links to download documents, as there have been security issues with these. Feel free to zip files that exceed the limit allowed by your email client. Send only PDF files or TIF files via email only or fax the documents. If sending email copies of your documents please zip them and send as one email.

What are the online discounts?

By applying online and faxing or e-mailing all of your documents you qualify for the online discount. If you postal mail any part of the application or documents you do not qualify.

Should I send you my original documents?

No do not send your originals. Send us clear copies of all of your educational documents. On rare occasion, CCI reserves the right to request original documents for verification purposes. Documents from an institution that is sent to us cannot be returned.

Send only clear copies not the originals. If you would like you can send a notarized as a TRUE COPY. Whatever you send will be noted on the evaluation. However, when an office wants an original or a notarized true copy then they will need it from you and what we use will not matter. Whatever you send us will be noted on the evaluation. Please do not send original documents in the mail to anyone unless you are prepared to have them lost. It does not happen often but it does happen at times.

Who qualifies for the H1B Visa?

The H-1B visa requires a US bachelor degree or its foreign equivalent. The bachelor degree must be a 4-year degree to be considered equivalent by CIS for the H1B. If you do not have a 3-year or an incomplete degree we can sometimes combine a government recognized post secondary diploma, depending on the level or work. We can also add progressive work experience in the field. We use the USCIS 3-to-1 rule. That means that 3 years of the work is equivalent to 1 year of college/university level study.Therefore, 3 years of college/university study can be added to 3 years of progressive work experience in the field to be equivalent to 4 years of post-secondary study or equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. Even if you no education after high school we can use work only and show that 12 years of work experience is equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. It is important to know that CIS has clearly stated that two associates degrees are not equivalent to a bachelor degree and that they can NOT be combined to do this. However, an associate’s degree (which is 2 years of education) and 6 years of work experience are accepted as equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree with a foreign credential evaluation issued by a professor who can issue credit for work experience at a college or university. We have two such professors who will sign your documents for this. USCIS requires that you send them (not us) letters from employers that state the dates of employment, the job title and your job duties. This needs to be written on the employers’ stationary with a letterhead and signed by the employer. This is sent to CIS – not to us. We work from the resume and that resume much match the letters including the job title. Employment from countries outside the United States is accepted, and employment may be during the time you took classes if the hours are clearly stated. It needs to state if you worked full or part time and if not, the number of hours per week were worked. Volunteer work is considered when title and duties are clear. Please do not use or send us appointment letters. There is no need to send us employment letters as long as the resume matches the employment letters.

For the H1B you will need a sponsor. We are sorry but we cannot help with that.

What if I have received an RFE, NOID or Denial?

We will review you case at no charge if you go to www.ccifree.com/ Fill out the short form and then follow the simple directions and submit your documents (this email and fax number is different from the numbers else where on the site and the order form). The director a professor will review your case at no cost. This form is for attorneys for any purpose or for clients who have received a NOID, Denial or RFE.

What if I have a 3-year degree from India that I need evaluated for Immigration purposes?

If it is for immigration purposes we will review it at no charge. Simply go to www.ccifree.com and follow the directions in the question above. It is imperative that you understand that an evaluation that combined work and education for the H1B that worked for the 3-year degree cannot be used for the I140, EB3, EB2 or the Green Card. The regulations are different from each other.

What do I do if I have questions about my evaluation report?

Email us after you get the evaluation and we will reply. Please do not phone us as this will waste time. We need an email so that everyone who worked on your case can concur.

Do I need a translation to English?

Yes, you need a certified translation to English.

What if I need a course by course after I ordered a document evaluation?

For 30 days after you have received your document evaluation we will “upgrade” it to a course by course if you pay only the actual difference between what you previously paid for the document evaluation and would have paid at the time for the course by course evaluation plus the sot of new copies. It will take 7-10 business days, and it will include one additional hard copy sent via first class mail.

How many copies of the evaluation do I get?

All orders include two postal mailed copies. Additional copies can be ordered online on the order form. You can also order a signed electronic copy.

Are evaluations refundable?

No, they are not. Once you submit the evaluation we begin processing it and it cannot be cancelled for a refund. If you are have questions about the results please contact us by email only (see above). Some clients are upset because they expected their secondary school documents to be considered college level. Our evaluations are honest to protect all of our clients.

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