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From an attorney:
Our client Isac xxxxxxx worked with you after his denial. He had a three-year degree (Indian Bach) that we needed to show equivalent to a US (four-year) bachelor degree for his I-140, EB2 filing. I am sending you this to tell you that his Petition was approved this week and I wanted to thank you for an outstanding job. I can not stop telling my associates about you. This was an outstanding job… Law office of xxxx

Thanks to you my wife’s petition for her I-140 was approved. Your evaluation and documentation did the trick. Her employer was astounded and impressed. We truly appreciate your kind help.

My EB2 / I-140 got approved today!! I had a 3yr degree and a denial from CIS. The approval came less than three weeks after the appeal had been filed. My sincere thanks to you the members of your team. It really was great team work. You did a lot of work in a few days. Thank you again .. all of you!!..

Thank you Sheila Danzig. Yes, we finally succeeded. My EB2 was approved. All I can saw is WOW for a great job. They laughed at me on the chat boards when I said I found someone who could do this. Look who is laughing now!

My approval came yesterday. My I-140 Petition had been rejected (denial) with an evaluation done by Glxxx and Wxx. I owe my success to you and your great staff. We refiled with your evaluation. 2 weeks later I am on my way to a Green Card with this approval. Bless you.

Thank you again for another approval. Our law office has had every I-140 you worked on approved. I will keep referring you.
Law Offices of ********.

I was a teachers aide in NY and thanks to you I am now a teacher in Arizona. When I moved (I have a 3 year bachelor degree) a friend told me to contact you. Your evaluation got me my license. My entire life has changed now. I owe it all to your evaluation.

I called you last week, and I want to you to tell you how much I appreciated your help. Unlike the other agencies that I called who all told me to send in my money, you gave me your time and some excellent advice. I live in New York State and wanted an evaluation so I could teach in New York. You told me not to pay for an evaluation because New York does their own evaluations for teachers. You even took the time to look up the phone number for me. When I asked about ordering your evaluation any way, you said not to, that I did not need to spend the money. Your kindness and advice is greatly appreciated. No other evaluation agency offered me any help at all. They only wanted my money. You really wanted to help me. I cannot thank you enough for calling me back so late at night. It shows how much you truly care.

I was admitted to an MBA program at Duke University with a 3 year bachelor degree in business with your evaluation. Many Thanks.

I was in a tough spot with my job. You worked with me and my license was just accepted. I not only kept my job but I am on my way to a promotion. Who could ask for more! This is all thanks to you!!

I am graduating next month from a highly recognized regionally accredited Masters program. I was admitted with a 3 year bachelor because of your evaluation. You showed them why it was equivalent to at least a US bachelor and they agreed 100%. I am on my way to a new career now.

I am so excited that I must send you this because today’s mail had my acceptance letter the University of my choice! It is a US Regionally Accredited MBA program thanks to your guidance and evaluation. Thanks CCI I could not have done it without you.

Thanks to you my H1B evaluation was accepted by USCIS after an RFE. You were very helpful. You explained everything to both me and my wife before we paid you any money. We were very worried because we had the “kitchen sink” RFE that our attorney said is almost impossible to overcome. But you did it!

I want to thank you for my raise. Yes, I deserved it but only after my evaluation was given to my employer did he finally accept my degree. I owe that part to you.

Because of you I am a licensed teacher to day. My school board accepted my degree degree from outside the US once I sent in your evaluation.

I was shocked when you returned my call late one evening. I was so worried and you saw that in my email and called. You explained how you can help… and you did! Everything went perfectly and I am now graduating in 1 month.

Four law schools accepted my application for admission to their JD program with your evaluation. I will be attending BU in the fall. This is quite a thrill for me – I thought I had to go back to college for more courses first.

I never encountered a staff so willing to go the extra mile to get things right.

You helped me move from stay at home mom to a career by evaluating my Fillipino education. Thank you for you courteous helpful prompt service.

Your low price guarantee is TRUE. I could not find one legitimate firm that offers what you offer at the same price.

Who ever heard of a company turning away business. You told me my old H1B evaluation would work for my I-140 and that I didn’t need a new one. That is integrity. It is much appreciated.

My TN visa was approved and I start work tomorrow! Thanks for a great job done quickly. Your 24 service is amazing and worth every cent.

I am so happy I found you. You took great care of my dad. It was so easy to work with you. You didn’t need documents from my home country. What a relief since it takes months or more to get them.

My Visa application was approved yesterday for EB2 after a denial with another evaluation agency. You did the trick.

My TN was approved. Your service was excellent. I am telling all of my friends and associates.

My wife’s approval was a miracle. She received an NOIR (notice of intent to revoke) her Green card. We were so frightened. A new lawyer sent us to you. You did a new evaluation for her. It all turned around and the NOIR was dismissed. My blessings to Ms. Sheila and Ms. Karen.

Dear Sheila,

I have a British (3-year) computer-society degree. My lawyer did not understand it. You did. I am getting my Green Card and admission into a masters program thanks to your evaluation. Excellent work.

There are many foreign credential evaluation agencies but none like you. You returned calls and you answered my question before I gave you any money. I got the job thanks to the evaluation and expert opinion letter. Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you Tamara Howell and thank you Sheila Danzig for your excellent work and fantastic turnaround I have never worked with anyone this responsive before.