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3 year degree holders, SMILE!!

The experts at Evaluation Credentials have received various asks for educational evaluations from individuals who have requested evaluation reports from the National Student Clearinghouse (Nsc) and received RFEs. These clients have connected to us showing that a foreign credentials evaluation of their 3-year degrees had brought about RFEs and dissents.

Ms. Sheila Danzig, and academic master, Professor John Kersey, have advanced a methodology for assessing 3-year degrees that has been extremely successful with USCIS powers. In light of this adequate system, numerous individuals who have encountered RFEs or refusals of migration visas in light of their three-year degrees have had the ability to successfully bid these choices.

Ms. Danzig and Professor Kersey have aggregated more than 400 pages of confirmation supporting the balance of the 3-year degree for job based and migration visas for individuals holding foreign credentials.  If you’ve had enough challenges with tricky foreign credentials evaluations from different offices, get an ease pre-evaluation from the masters at EvaluationCredentials today!