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Successful H1B Approval after RFE

We as of late received word from a lawyer that an alternate client’s RFE had been successfully replied. This client had a four year Bachelor Degree, plus work experience in the field of the work authentication. The past evaluation had been finished by an alternate foreign credential evaluation agency.

The RFE asked for additional data about the client’s work experience and required exhibit that the client’s four year college education and work experience brought about capability for the work testament as it had been issued. As opposed to re-assessing the Bachelor Degree, we picked an alternate track – that of nearly analyzing both the education and the consolidated work experience.

We exhibited that the client had sufficient work experience, plus an accredited four year Bachelor Degree, to show an educational major in the field of the work testament. The USCIS reacted by tolerating the reply, and supporting the client’s H1B visa.