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Another Visa sanction: Foreign Credential Evaluation Helped

As of late, we had the joy of got notification from an exceptionally fulfilled client that his outsider visa had been affirmed. We were happy to catch wind of this, and happy that he had reached us to impart the exceptional news.


Our customer had sought and appropriated Eb-2 approbation with a 3-year degree and 2-year postgraduate degree. Evaluation Credentials has been favored to have impressive victory in endorsement rates for these educational evaluations. While USCIS has made support of 3-Year Degrees from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh significantly all the more testing, we have had the ability to supply sufficient documentation to show that these degrees are truth be told the global equivalency of a U.S. Four year college education.


Through our foreign education credential evaluations handle, we have the ability to confirm rapidly if an individual’s foreign degree is proportional to accredited education inside the United States. Regularly, customers submit their reports to us for an ease preevaluation, which helps us to verify what sort of assessment and/or master supposition will best help. Our objective is to furnish the timeliest, most prudent, best assessment report conceivable for every customer.


Assume that your assessment has helped you pick up approbation for a visa, for school affirmation, or for work, we might love to get notification from you. Simply enlist and post on our visitor site, or contact us and impart your example of overcoming adversity. We won’t utilize your name or any distinguishing data unless you particularly affirm it. Impart your sentiment and make your voice listened.