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Military Professionals: Foreign Credential Evaluations

We guaranteed to update you as often as possible on how the U.S. military reacted to the test issued via Career Consulting International. It should have taken a short time for the statement to get out, since we had no reactions in August. Because of that, here is a redesign on the foreign education evaluations for September.


So far this month, we have been approached to assess foreign degrees for two parts of the U.S. military. We are planning to have the benefit of finishing an educational assessment for a third distinct without much fanfare. Despite the fact that this does result in a 200 percent expansion in our effects from a month ago, we are still far short of our objective.


In right on time August, Ms. Danzig discharged an explanation to the press offering U.S. equivalency evaluations gratis to parts of the U.S. military. She sanctioned her organization, Career Consulting International, to finish 50 assessment reports complimentary every month. In this way, we are 48 – or maybe 47 short of reaching her test to the American military.


So Assume that you know any individual who appropriated a foreign diploma or degree and is a part of a limb of the United States military, please urge them to contact Evaluation Credentials for a free assessment of their educational credentials. Don’t grant them a option to pass up a great opportunity for this significant chance on the grounds that they didn’t catch wind of it in time. Help us thank them for serving so courageously.