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Case Study: 3-Year Academic Indian Degree

In 2007, AILA discharged some exasperating news that cautioned migration lawyers and foreign degree evaluation organization that each of the three-year degrees were at danger for foreswearing for I-140 visa provisions. Therefore, Evaluation Credentials (EC) has endeavored to reveal proof and exhibit that three-year four year certifications are the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree. Consequently, the office gains various requests from lawyers, organizations, and persons with 3-year degrees about noting RFEs and dissent notices. More often than not, our clients are blissful to upgrade us about their conclusions. We as of late received this redesign from one of our clients:

Hi All,

Today I got my I140 support from TSE [Texas Service Center] in the wake of reacting to RFE on 3 year degree. I talked over the issue before requesting I140 with my lawyer by perusing the encounters from numerous others. My attorney said he might send for an evaluation assuming that I got a RFE. At that point, I did get a RFE idiom my 3 year degree is not equivalent to Us Bs degree. So I reached Sheila Danzig for my evaluation. She addressed my message inquiries. I paid the cash and sent all docs required.

Fortunately, I spoke to Sheila on the day preceding my RFE due date. I spoke to her amidst the night and she is so exceptional. She sent my evaluation docs one day from now by express dispatch. I am not an individual who works for Sheila; this is my experience with my I140 RFE and Sheila. I need to let you know all that, when I spoke to Sheila she said the likelihood of success is above 90% around then in TSC).

Despite the fact that Sheila’s Evaluation is unmanageable I have picked her org in light of the fact that I don’t see any other people who have conveyed to us for a few years on this issue. After I looked all the [immigration] gatherings I solidly chose to run with Sheila. By God’s grace my case is approved today. I am composing today for the profit of individuals whose cases might be like mine.