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Case Study: 3-Year Indian degree in Commerce

As of late, EC reacted to an alternate client who received a RFE through the Nebraska Service Center. The RFE demonstrated an in number potential for the dissent of the client’s Eb-3 Visa. The grounds showed in the RFE were that the foreign degree in business was not the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

The client composed again to thank the organization for the magnificent evaluation and noteworthy documentation in backing of the three-year degree. He additionally received support for his EB-3 Visa. Master notions that exhibit the educational equivalency of the 3-year degree require a considerable measure of examination and could be costly. This is in light of the fact that the procedure of demonstrating that these foreign education credentials are equivalent requires impressive confirmation. The reactions of our clients, notwithstanding, show a high level of success, so we realize that what we’re doing lives up to expectations.

Assuming that you’ve received a dissent or RFE, contact EC with your data and gave us a chance to let you know if we can offer assistance. That is the reason we’re here.