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Case Study: 3-Year Degree with GNIIT degree

This client had a 3-year degree and a GNIIT diploma. He had requisitioned an I-140immigration visa, and received a RFE from the USCIS. In the wake of consulting a few foreign credential evaluation offices, he considered none who were eager to submit an evaluation report demonstrating his 3-year degree to be the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree.

At that point he turned to Evaluation Credentials. We were able to offer him an educational evaluation exhibiting his 3-year Bachelor Degree to be equivalent to a U.S. Four year certification as the work declaration demanded. We did this by offering an evaluation report, a master feeling letter, and 250 pages of documentation supporting the position that the two degrees were identical.

He was upbeat to impart to us later that we had adequately addressed the RFE and his I-140 had been affirmed. While we couldn’t offer him a 100 percent ensure that his foreign degree might be acknowledged, we could reveal to him that we have had extensive victory in showing the equivalency of these two degrees.