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Case Study: I-140 Approval received by 3-Year Indian Degree

Our client went to a 3-year degree university in India, in the wake of finishing a year of higher secondary school, which is proportionate to one year of postsecondary education. In the wake of finishing this degree program, he went ahead to go to a 2-year Master Degree Program in that nation.

As of late, we gained recognize that his I-140 had appropriated endorsement, only a month after we had finished his educational evaluation. We were capable adequately to show that a 3-Year Indian Degree is the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree, and that the customer without a doubt had the U.s. equivalency of a Master’s Degree.

The USCIS issued strict requirements governing the acknowledgement of a 3-year degree as proportionate to a Bachelor Degree in the United States. Numerous foreign education credentials evaluation agencies have had restricted victory with I-140 endorsement in these cases. We have accepted various clients from these orgs who have had RFEs or even disavowals due to these requirements.

On account of the diligent work and proceeding research of our academic master, Professor John Kersey, and the Evaluation Credentials’ Executive Director, Ms. Sheila Danzig, we have been blessed to experience an abnormal amount of triumph with these equivalencies. Our academic masters are bound to continuous research and proceeding education that make it conceivable for our customers to addition support – considerably after a RFE or denial.