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Free Credential Assessments

It’s correct! For various years, Evaluation Credentials has been putting forth free report evaluations for military experts. Each month, we have a few of enrollment specialists or service employee mail or call to ask about assessment reports. January has so far carried just two persons from the military with non US degrees that needed educational evaluations.


Documented evaluations, for instance, are especially supportive for students who need to show that their non US secondary school diploma is the U.S. equivalent of high school graduation, or that they have a Bachelor degree from another country. These evaluations help individuals demonstrate that they are qualified to enroll or to achieve a professional upgrade. Now and then, recruit representatives contact the organization to ask for an assessment report for somebody who is going to enroll. Frequently, then again, the service holders have perused or caught wind of the office’s strategy and contact us looking to have their degrees assessed. In every way, we are happy to give service!


A few persons require course by course evaluations or master estimations, and we can’t offer these free as a result of the cost included. We are capable, nonetheless, to deduct the expense of the free document assessment from the charge and offer that lessened rate to the military individual. Assuming that you are in the military and have a non US degree, or assuming that you know somebody who does, their profession might profit from one of these free non US degree evaluations!