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Military Evaluations Are Free

Last July, Evaluation Credentials’ official chief, Ms. Sheila Danzig, issued a press release declaring her arrangement of free non US degree evaluations for military faculty. She presented to 50 free non US credential evaluations every year. In spite of the fact that we haven’t yet arrived at that benchmark, we have had between two and ten non US degree evaluations for the military every month. As of January 15, we had 4 during the current month, so there are 46 more free ones out there!


We customarily receive calls from enlisting sergeants, and analyses from service experts themselves about if an individual’s non US education credentials might be assessed for job or enrollment purposes. We are always exhilarated to help individuals get their non US degrees assessed. Evaluation Credentials offers free report evaluations, and a markdown on other assessment shows up for military experts.


One thing our counseling organization does not do, on the other hand, is interpret records with non US degrees into English, or work with not interpreted documents. We do suggest Accurate Translator Services for interpreting these educational evaluations, yet we don’t do the interpretations straightforwardly through our organization.


Military persons who require degree evaluations can call the toll free number, or mail a request to evaluatecredentials.com to have their degrees assessed. Our objective is to finish these assessment reports as fast as could be acceptable. It is restricted that we can thank the courageous individuals who have decided to serve our country, and we are happy to have the ability to do so.