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I-140 RFE Approval

As of late, we had the delight of working with a customer who had gained a RFE for his I-140 requisition. He required a second non US education credentials evaluation, and was unsure to whom he might turn for the educational assessment. His lawyers prescribed one firm, yet let him know that they were unverifiable if the assessment report for this firm might get his visa application affirmed.


He picked rather to scan online for himself, and to catch up discourse strings at a few immigration visa discussions to which he has a place. The office he picked was Evaluation Credentials, and into our hands he believed what’s to come for his visa application. He settled on our office believing the testimonials from different people whom we have made a difference.


Our non US credentials master, Professor Kersey, was fit to offer a sound approach with which our executive, Ms. Danzig, agreed. This approach varied fundamentally from the guidance offered by the customer’s lawyer, yet the lawyer distinguished the worth of Professor Kersey and Ms. Danzig’s master suggestion. The customer kept in touch and let us know that his application was affirmed two weeks after submitting the assessment appeared for USCIS.


We are right now currently assembling detailed analyses of customers with RFEs, past disavowals, 3-year degrees, and other hard cases including non US degrees and visa requisitions. We need to have the capacity to exhibit how we have had the ability to help customers in challenging circumstances to pick up approbation for their visa requisitions. In the event that you have a particular issue or question about visa regards, please post a remark or contact us so we can help.