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Military Non US Credential Evaluations are mounting

We guaranteed to keep you updated about the U.S. Military’s reaction to Ms. Danzig’s offer of 50 non US education credential evaluations every month to members of the United States Armed Forces. We as of late had the joy of gaining another reaction from a happy candidate of this excellent service. That carries our September aggregate to 3 as such.


Assuming that you don’t happen to be a part of the U.S. military who accepted a non US degree or diploma before entering this country or while positioned abroad, call to mind to impart this offer to somebody you know who does fit that class. Spread the statement with the goal that these bold individuals can accept the profits they deserve.


This free assessment report is for record evaluations. The latest educational assessment for a military individual was defeated a course by course assessment, which is just about twice as costly as a report assessment. Because of the patriotism of Sheila Danzig, Evaluation Credentials was equipped to offer this assessment at less than half the expense.


Because of the greater part of the courageous individuals who serve, and to those at home who do their part also. To the courageous members of the U.S. military, we salute you! In the event that you know any individual who fits the bill for this free degree assessment, remember to spread the word.