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I140 Visa with a 3-year Degree needs Credential Evaluations

We recently gained word from a lawyer with whom we work that an alternate of our customers’ I140 visas had been endorsed as a consequence of the foreign credentials assessment through Evaluation Credentials. We were extremely happy to hear that this customer’s assessment had been acknowledged after the RFE had been issued.


The customer holds a three-year degree from India, and  a Master Degree. The requirement was a base Bachelor Degree, yet combining degrees is not allowed for I-140 visas. To help this individual, Director Sheila Danzig and expert Professor John Kersey attempted to show that the customer’s 3-year degree was the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree.


The methodology is convoluted, and includes a far reaching measure of examination here and there, so it could be costly, frequently almost $1200. This regularly includes noteworthy counsels with lawyers, research, and access to our certification files so lawyers can reference known data in their briefs.


Obviously, not every 3-year degree could be demonstrated as the educational equivalency of a US Bachelor Degree. So we energize all customers, particularly the individuals who have appropriated RFEs or dissents, to submit their data for a pre-evaluation with the goal that we can offer them a faultless estimate of if we can offer assistance. Our prosperity rates with these confounded cases are extremely high, and there is a considerable measure of work included now and again. So there is a great deal of cheering and celebration when we gain word from an alternate of our customers that they have been approved.