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Military employee’s Evaluation

It’s February, and thanks to all that is good and holy we are beginning over. The U.S. Military was beginning to get up to speed with us a month ago. Throughout January, we are happy to have the capacity to report that we were ready to help with foreign credential evaluations for 10 members of the armed services. These equivalents more military education evaluations than we have ever done in each single month to date!


If this expand in foreign credential evaluations is an aftereffect of the financial issues our nation has been having, or the way that saying is simply getting out, we are happy to have the capacity to offer assistance. Truth be told, we’ve been encountering a huge expand in the amount of assessment reports of late. Also, more of our customers, both military and non military person, have been keeping in touch with us once again telling us the distinction our assessment reports have made in their lives.


It’s delightful to know when you’ve had the capacity to have an effect, and we are happy to get notification from the individuals who let us know of the contrast we have made. The latest reaction we received was from one of our customers who were jovial to have the ability to let us know that she had gained word that her I-140 had been affirmed without a RFE or refusal. She had a three-year degree, and numerous customers have come to us after a RFE or foreswearing, asking for our help. She decided to utilize our foreign credential assessment organization to start with, then again, and was so blissful to traverse the methodology without the challenges her associates had well experienced that she needed a whole lot to write and let us know about her endorsement.


To the U.S. Military: Thank you for having an effect by serving our nation!


To our customers: Thank you for giving us a chance to have an effect by serving you.