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Permission with TN visa immigration

Citizens of Canada and Mexico can apply for work permits in the US under the NAFTA. Visas like these are known to the TN visas. These visas are for those people who seek a temporary work opportunit in the US. Canadian citizens get TN-1 visas and Mexican citizens get TN-2 visas.

In order to get a TN visa, the applicant needs to show that he has a froeign degree that is equivalent to the US bachelor’s degree. For some fields like computer science, this requirement can be lightened and replaced by an associate degree with 2 years of working experience. The credentials, however need to be evaluated by a credential evaluation company and accepted by USCIS.

Along with the credentials, the applicant also needs to provide a proper document mentioning that he is staying in the US only  temporarily. The USCIS always presumes that a foreign citizen intends to stay permanently in the country. The applicant, however can express his interest in immigration, but this needs to be done after the TN visa period.

There are a number of evidences that people can show to prove his intend to stay in the US temporarily. One of the most common documents is the ownership of property back at home. Taking the visa for a single year is another proof of the intention of staying temporarily.

People from a number of occupations can work in the US which include- scientists, zoologists, nurses, physicians, biologists etc. Professionals from healthcare need to show the government issed license for practicing.

People form some other fields like medical technologists, therapists or nurses need to show the certification as health care workers. This certificate will demonstrate the educational qualification of that person which is equivalent to the US degree. This certificate also illustrates the ability of the person in communicating in English at a competent level which is approved by a type of standardized test.

For citizens from Mexico and Canada, it is recommended that a very good attorney handles that visa procedure. For evaluation purposes, seek help from a reputed evaluation agency.