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Possible solution for the mortgage crisis in US

The problem of US mortgage crisis is growing at a higher rate every month. Sheila Danzig is well experienced with the features of persons who are looking to get some degree evaluations for different visas like the EB-2 and EB-3. With an analysis on this thing, her experts recommended a proposal on the voice chat board in the immigration, which can largely relief this housing problem while also contribute in the economic growth of the country.

Workers with the employment type visa are living in the US. And those who are applying for a PR have been residing for five years or more. Most of them possess professional degrees while an amount hold a master’s degree or a PhD. These visas were given because there were not many US workers available to perform duties that organizations demanded from them.

The average yearly income of workers with EB visas rounds to $65000. Most of these workers are very skiled at their workers. They even expect to buy a homoe and settle their family there. But, they need to remain at an intermediate state before their visas are approved by the USCIS for green cards.

In fact, some workers are forced to wait for up to seven years before receiving a response to their application. They hold foreign credentials U.S. equivalency of professional degrees, and are workers critically needed by our society, yet they wait to learn whether they have the right to remain in this country! Some of them even have to wait upto seven years just to get a response to their applications. This is very sad as these employers are much needed for our country’s economy.

In this process, many visa numbers have been lost and thus many million dollars have been lost too. At that period of time, some 800,000 workers need to wait and see if they are going to be approved to stay in the US. A half of this number wish to buy a home and stay here. And if they were approved to pay a 20% down pament for private homes, the gain would have been $1.6 billion!

Immigrants from foreign countries try hard to make themselves a part of the US culture. They need to be given our support which will also help our economy to revive.