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The competitions with H1-B visas

Is your company depends on the temporary non-immigrant visas for the manpower ? Are you ready to get hold of enough visa for your company or personal processing ?? Are you a dexterous worker who is betting everything to enter into U.S. for non-immigrant visa ? Are you interested on the Obama policies on this issue ?? What are the measures are going to be taken ??

Meet Department of Homeland Security nominee Janet Napolitano. Senator Joseph Lieberman is going to oversee this confirmation, Senator is known for his ambiguity in this regard. Senator Joseph and Ms Janet has been pushing for a reform in the U.S. policy to give more H1-B visas.

Ms. Napolitano has been insisting on the reform on some of the rational facts that United States is losing its stronghold of having the most skilled worker in technical industries owned by American Companies. Though the Congress has limited the cap in a scale of 85000 per year, Ms Napolitano is actually pushing to streamline the application process for the foreign degree holders.

Ms Napolitano also proposes to give H1-B visa to the foreign students who earned U.S. degrees after proper background check. She also emphasizes on issuing green card to these students. She firmly believes in the idea that this is the way to keep the technical workers in U.S. to innovate newer technologies.

But there are also some complications waiting for Ms Napolitano. In the H1-B program there are a huge number of violation of federal regulations have been reported by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS). In the last two years, 20% of the applications involved notable federal rules violation. They also found certain trends developing in this regard. Some of the applications involved fake diplomas or universities. Some showed counterfeited signatures during a processor shell industries. Even many companies hired workers without listing them on labor certificate.

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