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The current economic crisis and the E-B visa

It is well known that U.S. economy is going through a crisis and that very crisis has recessed global financial market a lot. Eventually it has significantly increased the number of people seeking information related to foreign degree evaluations. As cutbacks and mergers have created unemployment; to ensure their present job security and to check other job openings this number is on high. Those people who has been able to show their credentials to meet the U.S. standard have been able to withhold their position. So this parameter has spread its importance very quickly.

People who has foreign education credentials, which also includes college or high school degrees obtained from aboard are often asked for their equivalency of degrees to the U.S. during their application process to the probable employers. U.S. job sectors in many cases do not accept the degrees earned outside U.S. This is so likely when they are looking for work or employment visa(EB VISA). Those who are interested in continuing their education to undergraduate or graduate degrees are often asked to fulfill this criteria. As the education standard is no match to the third world countries the students seeking higher education degree are sometimes bound to go through this process.

There is more. Each year H1-B visa numbers filled every year depends highly on the current financial state of the nation.  It is true that a huge number of U.S. industries for manpower, are highly depended on the workers coming to U.S. in a temporary basis. This companies have an urgency to meet their demands of manpower at an early basis. H1-B visas are served in rolling method. So it has been seen so many times that these foreign labor based companies start filing very early.

Although there has been a continuous evaluation that if by any chance the visa issued as H1-B can be increased to promote these industries. This notion is highly appreciated and supported by people like Janet Napolitano, who has been nominated for a cabinet post by President Obama himself. Though due to the recession this proposal has been considered under great scrutiny. In U.S. the number of jobs are short now and new job openings are limited. New industries are not being established and many of them are in the process of releasing their current manpower. So unemployment is a huge problem now. In this circumstance, U.S. people are highly unlikely to import more manpower from outside of U.S. by the government and they are even protesting the existence of current workers in this highly competitive job market. Due to this resistance the proposal has a chance to be hindered for long term. To show the ability there is no other way to evaluate the credentials equivalent to U.S.

But the U.S. government can understand some facts that these protesters have been unable to. Government know very well that the work position which are fulfilled by giving work permit or these employment based visas cannot be fulfilled with native workers. These visas are given because the specialized knowledge required for this kind of work is not available in U.S. workers. They are importing which does not mean that non-immigration visa workers are being prioritized. But their skills and knowledge is no match for these highly skilled foreign workers. They are getting these  jobs because they earned it with the special qualifications.

It is not easy to tell that in which way President Obama’s office takes policies. The people are looking forward to a policy which actually decease the unemployment problem rather than taking measures to the immigrants. The policy which creates more job for both native and immigrant is the best move to make.