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Case Study: Career Consulting International Recommended by United Nations

No, this isn’t a contrivance. It’s a correct story from one of our clients who imparted his story on one of the movement visa talk sheets a couple of months back. Here is the story in his expressions (his name has been uprooted, as we generally ensure our clients’ protection):


I need to impart great news; at long last I got a mystery message from USCIS that my I-140is approved at TSC service focus. Here are my items:

My first I 140 documented from NSC utilizing substitute work was precluded as a part from securing Jan’03. Excuse for why: Education Evaluation. [I was] denied from AAO one year later. As of late my unique work was approved from excess focus, this time I did my evaluation from Sheila Danzig, she did astounding work, she really assessed my 3 years of Polytechnic(met Engg) equivalent to US BS, all out credits 122.5. Ms. Danzig additionally generated a master feeling, assessing my AMIIM (Associate Member of Indian Institute of Metals) equivalent to Master in Met Engg. With that my lawyer connected [for the] I-140 at TSC on 31st March and today I got the message from USIS for approbation. Really I should thank to United Nations, who exhorted me to finish my evaluation thru Sheila. Gentlemen this is not an ad for Sheila or United Nation however its true success story.