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Chartered Accountancy Credential Evaluations

The point when Evaluation Credentials started doing non US credential evaluations for the Chartered Accountancy accreditation from India, specialists Sheila Danzig and John Kersey had their research removed from them. Not many evaluators were actually endeavoring this equivalency, and achievement rates were very low.


On account of their diligent work, on the other hand, Ms. Danzig and Professor Kersey have united to offer customers who have passed the CA exams the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor, or even a Master Degree, in Accounting. Actually, Evaluation Credentials’ success rate with this certification is 100 percent for immigration purposes.


Indeed, non US degree evaluations that show the Chartered Accountancy Fellowship equivalent to a Master’s Degree are not simple, and not many evaluators even accept this is conceivable. We have been specially favored to work with brilliant lawyers and customers who work thoroughly with the evaluators to deliver the vital data to fulfill this objective.


Because of our customers, who work so hard to help us help them. On account of the eccentric lawyers who, through their outstanding cooperation and joint effort, help their customers so successfully. Demonstrating educational equivalencies for non US degrees and affirmations isn’t dependably simple, yet helping our customers succeed is more than worth the effort needed.