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EB-2 Visa accepted

The experts at Evaluation Credentials are firmly dedicated to their customers’ successes. We are excited to hear when a customer has gained approbation for immigration visas in light of the fact that it implies that we have had the ability to help one more individual in a troublesome circumstance.


One of our objectives is to impart these victories to others, so other individuals who have non US degrees will be swayed to think about these fruitful visa applications. In the event that you have had a fruitful requisition for a H1-B Visa, an I-140, an EB Visa, or a TN Visa through our counsel services, please think of us and let us know about your experience. We need to have the ability to empower others through spreading the news of your prosperity. We won’t utilize your name unless you give us consent.


We as of late had the delight of gaining from an individual living in Nebraska who adequately petitioned an Eb-2. This individual’s case included a 3-Year Degree. The distinctive was unable to prepare stamp sheets for the transcripts. In spite of this, we were ready to offer an assessment report that served to addition endorsement.


We think profoundly about the results of our customers’ provisions, and strive to guarantee each possibility of victory. Help us to spread the news by imparting your story today.