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Evaluation Reports for service

As of late, we were ready to help a customer who had a non US degree and far reaching work experience. Through documentation from her superintendents, we were ready to join together her education and work experience equivalencies to show that her non US education credentials were of the U.S. equivalency of the degree she required for work.


We were happy to get notification from her and realize that she had the capacity to secure work dependent upon the educational assessment she had received. Now and again, joining work and education might be unreliable, and assuming that it is not done right, bosses and USCIS will dismiss the assessment report through and through. On account of our academic professional, we were ready to help and exactly documented her credentials in the meantime.


Assume that you have had a non US credentials evaluation through Evaluation Credentials, we welcome you to compose and impart your story. Since we work in challenging evaluations and REs, we particularly acknowledge listening to the examples of overcoming adversity. We would prefer not to miss imparting a tad bit of your bliss!