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Our Foreign Credential Evaluation: Customers are Satisfied

We convey several foreign credential evaluations to our customers every month, and a large portion of them thank us or send their endorsement reactions, and we send their evaluations for mailing. Periodically, however, a customer composes back, letting us know exactly how the assessment report has helped him or her. We get notification from clients who have acquired work advancements or gained certification into a school or college.


Infrequently, we likewise accept notes from customers letting us know exactly how they feel about our services, and we are happy to print those too. This accompanying extract is from a customer who was satisfied with our services:


” I just got my four originals of the evaluation and I feel very proud of you. You are very professional and  you really help people to success. I wish for you and your company Happy Holidays. Thank you very much for your great help.”


We are happy to gain notes like this from individuals whose foreign degrees we have assessed. The main way we know we have been great in helping is when customers keep in touch with us and let us know that we have had an effect.


So if Evaluation Credentials has had the capacity to offer a U.S. equivalency for your foreign education, we’d want to get notification from you and know how the educational assessment has had an effect – directly, professionally, or educationally.


It would be ideal if you impart your story.